RIP Cheese Fries & Tequila

Soooooo I figured it’s time to get this little story/adventure/mess out of the way…don’t freak though the little story in question actually just means my 24 year old health/fitness journey. It’s had its ups and downs (mostly downs) but I have been … Continue reading

Ooh La La’s

Boy oh boyyyy do I have a lot going on. I have so many ideas for posts that I overwhelm myself…and then I don’t even post. I’ve been obsessing over several things lately so I figured I would share the awesomeness that is those things. Here goes nothin’


photoI’ve always been a simple makeup kinda gal. All you need is the essentials, right? WRONG. After being convinced to try lipstick at the bach. party several weekends ago I have become ADDICTED. I love how it stands out on your face and draws attention to your mouth aka teeth (I’m a teeth freak). Obvi I still have a ways to go when it comes to which shade and gloss/matte/stick because there are SO MANY CHOICES but I will get there. I’d love to hear which colors/styles y’all use!




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WEIRDLY Delicious Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding

Happy first post…to me!! Happy Tuesday to y’all! I’m just gonna dive right into this one…

SO I’m fully aware that chia seeds are all the craze right now and that I’m like however many years late to the party BUT last night I found a pack of Trader Joe’s Chia Seeds in our pantry that a roomie left when he moved out a couple months ago. These chia seeds brought back unpleasant memories since that certain roomie was the bane of my existence for a year (more on that later…maybe. I tend to get sidetracked ALL OF THE TIME). I immediately decided the best way to get rid of anything attached to a sour memory is to make a dessert out of it and EAT it.

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