WEIRDLY Delicious Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding

Happy first post…to me!! Happy Tuesday to y’all! I’m just gonna dive right into this one…

SO I’m fully aware that chia seeds are all the craze right now and that I’m like however many years late to the party BUT last night I found a pack of Trader Joe’s Chia Seeds in our pantry that a roomie left when he moved out a couple months ago. These chia seeds brought back unpleasant memories since that certain roomie was the bane of my existence for a year (more on that later…maybe. I tend to get sidetracked ALL OF THE TIME). I immediately decided the best way to get rid of anything attached to a sour memory is to make a dessert out of it and EAT it.

PS- since I’m new to this whole blogging thing I’m gonna be honest and tell you I ate this before I got a chance to snap any pictures of it soooooooo ***imagine picture of yummy pudding with fruits in a cute mason jar or something here***

I was a little hesitant to try a pudding because I’m weird about texture and slimy was the first word that came to mind. I found a simple recipe here and tweaked it just a little.  I was SOOO surprised at how good it turned out. The pudding reminded me of tapioca (but not as delicious, obvi). We had strawberries and bananas in the kitchen so I added those in. You could prob add any fruit and it would still be the YUM. I’m awkwardly aware that any brave souls who set their eyes on this blog have prob already tried some form of chia seed pudding and already have their own opinions on it but I am so excited about how gross it wasn’t that I had to share.

Anyway, enough talking and more EATING…


WEIRDLY Delicious Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding (+ yum berries & bananas)

Time: Super quick

Servings: 4 (or 2 if you sometimes go overboard when something is delicious like me)

Noms you need:

2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or whatever milk makes you happy) 2PP

1/3 cup chia seeds (I used Trader Joe’s because I randomly found them in the pantry) 6PP

1 tbsp. stevia (‘cause I was trying to keep the PP low) 0PP

½ tsp. vanilla extract (please don’t use the imitation kind—GROSS!!) 0PP

Fruits/nuts/granola are some optional ideas—whatever makes it yummy for you!!

Directions: Whisk everything together and let it sit overnight (or atleast 4-6 hours if you’re impatient like me). Add toppings and EAT. Super simple, filling and YUM.

SO, whether you’re an expert with chia pudding or you are late to the party like me, I have to know what recipes/tips/tricks/toppings you use…gimme the deets!

 x, E


*Sidenote (might as well call it a sidetrack)- The random number+PP with the ingredients just means pointsplus. I developed this weird knock off (aka free) version of a certain weight loss program (umm am I allowed to say the name here? who knows but I might as well cover my ass) and I use a system of theirs called pointsplus. More on this later when I’m not busy procrastinating everything…promise.

**Sidetrack part 2-I feel like I need to share that any food, brand, item, etc. I talk about on this blog is endorsed by no one (I’m not that cool) and that the only reason I’m sharing it is because I’m either obsessed with it or hate it. All awkward opinions are my own!




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