RIP Cheese Fries & Tequila

Soooooo I figured it’s time to get this little story/adventure/mess out of the way…don’t freak though the little story in question actually just means my 24 year old health/fitness journey. It’s had its ups and downs (mostly downs) but I have been … Continue reading

Ooh La La’s

Boy oh boyyyy do I have a lot going on. I have so many ideas for posts that I overwhelm myself…and then I don’t even post. I’ve been obsessing over several things lately so I figured I would share the awesomeness that is those things. Here goes nothin’


photoI’ve always been a simple makeup kinda gal. All you need is the essentials, right? WRONG. After being convinced to try lipstick at the bach. party several weekends ago I have become ADDICTED. I love how it stands out on your face and draws attention to your mouth aka teeth (I’m a teeth freak). Obvi I still have a ways to go when it comes to which shade and gloss/matte/stick because there are SO MANY CHOICES but I will get there. I’d love to hear which colors/styles y’all use!




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