Baby’s First Bachelorette Party

Ummm if anyone else is riding the struggle bus today feel free to hop on with me. Coming back to work after a three day weekend is usually a little taste of hell and today is no exception. I attended my first bachelorette party this weekend in the OBX. I guess it would be better to call it a three day long bachelorette rager where I totally ruined this health kick I’ve been on for the last several months (more on that lata).


We stayed at a GF’s house and ate, drank, played games, gossiped, played on the beach, yada yada yada. I assume these are the usual bachelorette party activities even though this was my first one. We also experienced some unusual activities such as getting into car accidents, stealing REALLY COOL wine glasses from a wine bar, befriending a hippie cab driver, wearing lipstick for the first time (me), and gaping as super attractive locals jumped our car when the battery died.


sand genitalia & adorbs matching shirts

We headed down early Friday and beached most of the day. The house we stayed at was absolutely beautiful and made me want to buy a house in the Outer Banks ASAP. It was on the sound and only a few minutes from the oceanfront. Friday night we went to a wine bar called Trio and experienced wine fountains for the first time (HOLY F) and ate fancy cheese.

bangin' backyard overlooking the sound

bangin’ backyard overlooking the sound

ALERT: these wine fountain things are DANGEROUS. They gave us a little credit card type thing and we just swiped it and picked whatever amount/type of wine we wanted. Let’s just say I went a little (a lot) overboard with the amount of wines I tasted. Trio was a+ awesome and I cannot wait to go back to sample every.single.cheese they have (omg CHEESE).


After Trio we headed back to the house and ended up partying by ourselves and having wayyyy tooo much fun. I’m not complaining. We broke out the beer bong that I bedazzled (just call me Erica the artist) and the bride/bride’s bitches shot glasses…super tacky BUT awesome stuff and then ended the night with a little round of Never Have I Ever/Kings. Remember those games/life ruiners from high school? Good thing all of us are besties or things would have gotten awk REAL quick.


Saturday morning I woke up with a nice little hangover but was quickly rescued by these ADORABLE hangover kits the maid of honor had for us. We spent the day playing tacky games (the prize was VS undies though….so I got a little competitive), going on a baller scavenger hunt (car accident included), and napping like the 22-25 year old grandmas that we are. We still go hard we just require naps in between our raging nowadays.

lifesaving hangover kits

cute ass hangover kits

Saturday evening we balled out at some fancy restaurant and ended up eating soooo much that we almost went home to lay and cry about our food comas. DON’T FRET since we ended up rallying and went to a bar where we forced ourselves to drink a ton and have fun.


baby’s first lipstick!!

We left early Sunday and stopped for the BEST chicken salad/pimento cheese sandwiches I have ever had (not exaggerating) at this tiny/sketchy looking gas station (apparently the food is famous with the locals?) anddddd then I slept most of the day since I’m a sloth.

We didn’t go crazy with penis shaped things and spend the weekend in blackout/pukeville like others prob do but it was a great weekend and it made me even more excited to watch my best friend get married in October. I want to hear some crazy bachelorette party stories from y’all since this was my first one. Spill!!

x, E


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