It’s Friday (for me) y’all! Tomorrow I’m headed to a bachelorette weekend in the Outer Banks for my BFF Kailey. I wasn’t planning on doing the blog thing today because my to-do list for this weekend is actually eight different lists (F YOU OCD) that I have to get done tonight after yoga aka I’m screwed on time. BUT THEN something hilarious/super awkward/totally work illegal happened…I tried kombucha for the first time…at work…

I’m gonna back up here and explain why this was such a ridic situation. Kombucha has been popping up on a ton of the health/fitness/food blogs I follow lately so when I saw it in Target last night I had to get it. According to the internets, kombucha is a fermented tea that has been around FOREV and it helps with detoxing the body, digestion (a big + for me), and a ton of other stuff that you can read about here and here (cool ass blogs I follow). I chose the gingerberry flavor made by Synergy and was super excited when I found out the entire bottle (2 servings) is only 2 PP.

kom 3

I was so excited to try it that I brought it to work to drink this morning. I noticed some of it had settled in the bottom so I went to shake it and LUCKILY noticed that it said DO NOT SHAKE on the bottle. The stuff at the bottom is totally natural…no need to geek like I did. I smelled it first (I do this with everything I consume…awk I know) and I would highly recommend you don’t do this. It smelled icky but I still gave it a chance…and I’m glad I did because it tasted delish. Kombucha is naturally effervescent so it’s like soda (minus all of the GROSS and scary ingredients in soda) and it had a slightly sweet but slightly savory taste…kinda hard to describe so go try it yourself.

SOOO after I downed the whole bottle I started feeling a little weird…like I’m buzzed weird. My brain (that was obvi in lala land before) suddenly put two and two together and I realized kombucha is fermented so it probably has alcohol in it. I grabbed the bottle and read the back and THERE IT WAS…”This product contains a trace amount of alcohol.” Uhhhhhhh yeah…way to go Erica. It was a harmless teeny tiny buzz BUT I was at work…totally not cool and especially awk when a coworker asked why I was in such a good mood so early in the AM. Our little secret? HA but I really liked kombucha and will def be drinking more…just not at work.

how did I miss this?

how did I miss this?

Has anyone here ever lost their kombucha virginity in a awkward place? What is your fav. brand/flavor of kombucha? FILL ME IN!

x, E


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