Ooh La La’s

Boy oh boyyyy do I have a lot going on. I have so many ideas for posts that I overwhelm myself…and then I don’t even post. I’ve been obsessing over several things lately so I figured I would share the awesomeness that is those things. Here goes nothin’


photoI’ve always been a simple makeup kinda gal. All you need is the essentials, right? WRONG. After being convinced to try lipstick at the bach. party several weekends ago I have become ADDICTED. I love how it stands out on your face and draws attention to your mouth aka teeth (I’m a teeth freak). Obvi I still have a ways to go when it comes to which shade and gloss/matte/stick because there are SO MANY CHOICES but I will get there. I’d love to hear which colors/styles y’all use!




2.Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

This is probably the cutest song in the history of songs and as cliché as the whole thing is I LOVE IT. My bestie played it for me a couple weekends ago because she is using it as her first dance song at her wedding (cue the AWWWWWWW’s). I listen to Ed when I wanna fall asleep or cry (because I’m gonna lose it when I hear this song at the wedding).


3. Smooth Move tea

51h2ZhnplaL__SY300_I’m gonna keep this as vague as possible so I don’t freak anyone out but this stuff is the BEE’S KNEES. If you ever have digestive issues or just spend a weekend binge eating awful food like I did this stuff will clear ya right out. I am totally not kidding…it works. Also-the amazon reviews are hilarious. I might as well buy stock in this company because I’m gonna be using it on the reg so I can stay reg, ya feel me? It’s all natural/organic so it’s def better than all those scary products on the market now (exlax? UGH GROSS). Make sure you read the directions before you begin this little adventure or you will be sorry.

4. Spinning/THIS spin shirt

When I took a how-to spin class 3 months ago I thought I was going to die and immediately wrote off any plans to ever take the class again. For some unknown reason I took the class again and now I am in LOVE. Cardio and I only get along if I don’t get bored…hint: I always get bored. Whether it’s running or the elliptical or whatever else I always get bored…when I get bored I talk myself out of the workout. In spin class I am toooo busy getting my ass kicked to get bored. Each class makes me want to die a little less and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my endurance/leg muscles (aka I actually have some now). I know that since my freak brain hasn’t gotten tired/bored of spinning yet that it will be an exercise I don’t soon quit.

youcantspin_final_1024x1024I saw this shirt on the Betches website and immediately freaked out. It is PERFECT and I had to physically restrain (aka put my iPad away) myself from buying it right then and there. Mean Girls+Spinning=grool. The shirt is a little pricey BUT I hope to have it in my clutches one day.

5. FF Whipped Cream

I am always trying to find low PP desserts because I usually have very few points left at the end of the day. This generally sucks because I just want to eat ice cream and brownies until I get sick. I got some fat free whipped cream to put on strawberries and LOW AND BEHOLD it is 0 PP for a serving. I almost fainted when I saw that. Obvi if you eat the whole container you need to count some points for that but HOT DAMN. I put it on strawberries and bananas and occasionally (all the time) just eat it off the spoon. I feel like I broke some rule for waiting so long to discover ff whipped cream BUT I found it now and we will live happily ever after.

What stuff are you guys obsessed with right now? Are you in love with any of this stuff like I am? Let me knowwwww!

x, E


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