RIP Cheese Fries & Tequila

Soooooo I figured it’s time to get this little story/adventure/mess out of the way…don’t freak though the little story in question actually just means my 24 year old health/fitness journey. It’s had its ups and downs (mostly downs) but I have been headed up for about six months now and I’d like to keep this little party movin’ on up.

before(ish) august '13

before//august ’13

after(ish--'cause I still got some work to do) august '14

afterISH (’cause I still got some work to do)//august ’14

I was raised on cheese and pretty much whatever else I wanted. I love my nutso family TO DEATH but we have never been food conscious…and it probably didn’t help that my brother and I were gifted the awful/non-existent digestive systems that BOTH of my parents have. I can’t remember a time before I was 15 that I wasn’t a big girl. Like, the biggest girl. I entered highschool/teenage girl land at 15 and discovered exercise (yay) and an eating disorder (icky). Highschool/college saw me fluctuating extreme weights (think up 10 pounds in one month, down 20 pounds the next) because of my eating disorder and awful eating/drinking habits. I graduated in 2012 and quickly gained 15 pounds because sitting at a desk all day and eating out for every meal will do that to you (surprise, surprise). I still struggle with my eating disorder to this day but I will leave that nasty little subject for another time and another place.

In March of this year I was LOW. I mean like I hate myself and my life and my body low. I wasn’t sleeping and my hair started falling out in clumps among MANY other issues I was having. I ignored the subtle signs that it was probably my lack of diet/exercise that was causing all of this and went to several doctors who all told me they had no clue what was wrong with me. At this point I was totally over the whole situation BUT THEN the planets aligned and the universe threw a bone my way. My girl Abby started Weight Watchers and after seeing her lose a significant amount of weight over the course of two weeks I was motivated to figure something out.

I researched Weight Watchers and talked to Abby about it but then remembered that I am poor…like “help me I’m poor” poor. I quickly figured out that I could use the internet/Abby to do my own version of Weight Watchers. Abby helped me figure out how many points I would have a day and good old google helped me figure out what food was worth what. I only tracked points during the week and ate whatever I wanted during the weekends. After a month I started to notice a slow but sure change in myself and finally started to feel good about what I was doing.

It was then that Abby also (she gets all the cred for discovering fab health/fitness stuff) suggested we sign up for a yoga class. Fast forward three months and I was down around 10 pounds, sleeping 8 hours a night (!!!) and my hair had stopped falling out. That yoga class ended but I was addicted. I’m not even kidding when I say one hour of yoga is the equivalent of a Xanax and glass (or 3) of wine. I quit my shitty gym that offered no classes and joined a gym that has it’s own yoga studio. Fast forward another three months and welcome to the present. I am currently addicted to spinning (another thanks to Abby discovery) and go to the gym 3-5x a week. I am still following my own wacko knock-off weight watchers plan and I still eat whatever I want during the weekends (YUM CHEESE). I am down 20 pounds but more importantly I actually feel GOOD. I get to eat (within reason), I sleep a lot (ta ta insomnia) and I actually crave a good sweaty workout among many other changes I have noticed.

No part of the last six months has been easy or quick… I may feel good but everyday is a constant eating/working out battle. I average around 3 lbs lost a month…aka not a lot BUT I’m getting there. Everyone is different and I can thank my shitty digestion system and horrifying eating habits/eating disorder for causing this process to move in ssllloooowwwww mmmoooootttttiiiiooonn. I dig the progress I’ve made so far and I’m excited to keep moving along (even if it takes forev).

x, E

P.S. Better before/after pictures one day when I’m not being so lazy


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