Ooh La La’s

Ahhhhhhh I have totally neglected my little blog this week (and last). BUT hi! hey! yo! happy Thursday! I have a lot going on right now aka a cruise in 10 days HOLLA anddddd I may or may not be getting my very own dogchild tomorrow. I’ve been internet shopping like a psycho (not kidding) for the cruise and I plan on doing a post later with all my goodies. Obvi my dogchild will get a post of his own as well because he is a tiny cute little rescue and I am already in looooooooooove with him.

This Ooh La La post is gonna be all about foods/drinks that my body is digging lately. All I think about is food anyway so I figured WHY NOT? The first little gem that I want to share is Tazo Green Ginger tea. I’m a psycho green tea drinker because it de-bloats ya body and is just plain good for you. My body turns into a balloon if I even think about eating anything salty SO I am always battling the little devil known as bloat. Put a little lemon and ginger in your green tea and BAM you have a super bloat fighting/detoxing drink on your hands. I always forget to buy ginger because it’s a random ingredient that you don’t think about a lot…am I right? So anyway when I found this tea I freaked because it was made for me. All I gotta do is add a splash of lemon and I’m good ta go.



Next up we got Larabars aka little bars of heaven. I am still mad at myself for not trying these earlier in my life. I wouldn’t exactly call them protein bars BUT they do the trick when you are on-the-go or about to work out orrrr just want something with chocolate that isn’t awful for you. I got the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor and let me tell you………SO GOOD. Like my mouth is watering just thinking about them….is that weird? Whatev. They only have FOUR ingredients in them…yeah you read that right, FOUR. Cashews (yum), dates (eh), chocolate chips (double yum), and sea salt (random). So. Good. This flavor has 6 PP per bar which is a little high for a snack/breakfast/whatever so I just split them in half. I’m off to the holy land aka Target tonight to get some different flavors of these little suckers.



Lastly I’d like to shout out to the ladies at Tone It Up for creating a legit ass protein powder. Over the last couple months my workouts have increased and I’ve started to focus on toning a little more than before. My boyfriend drinks protein shakes like it’s his job but I’ve always associated protein powder with super bulky muscleheaded dudes…like the kind that wear tiny shirts at the gym and carry around a giant gallon container of water wherever they go (seriously though I would pee my pants if I drank that much water). ANYWAY, I got sick of getting hangry halfway through my workouts so I did some internet stalking and found the Pefect Fit protein powder made by Tone It Up. Perfect Fit is made for ladies and is all organic, vegan, gluten-free, blablabla healthy. I’m not super concerned with all that stuff but I do like to know what I’m about to put in my body. It only has five ingredients (!!!) and I actually know what they are/can pronounce them.


I ordered the 20-pack because I’m lazy and it’s super easy to just throw the packets in my bag instead of measuring out scoops into baggies or whatever. Each packet is 2 PP and so far I have tried it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk (1 cup=1 PP) so 3PP total. I’m not gonna lie, I totally read the amazon reviews before buying this because 1. amazon reviews are always helpful/usually hilarious and 2. I wanted to know the best way to drink it. The reviews pretty much said that it’s kinda gritty/chalky but good. UH HELLO…it’s protein powder, OF COURSE it’s gonna be a little chalky. It tastes good with almond milk though and I’m excited to try out some smoothies with it. I got this cute little blender bottle with the protein powder and I will say that you really have to shake the shit out of the mix+milk to get it all mixed up. I also add 2tb PB2 (link) (1PP) to the mix sometimes and it’s SOOOOOO LEGIT.  SO if you want a protein powder that isn’t super manly and has legit ingredients to help with your workouts this is the one!

I’m off to drink some green tea and hopefully not destroy the company picnic table like I did yesterday AWKWARDDDDD.

x, E



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