imageI’m Erica, a new-ish blogger living in Virginia.

I am all things awkward & that is the only excuse I will give for anything that happens here.

I graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2012 with a degree in Communications. I’m currently working a full time pain-in-the-ass job & living with my boyfriend & two other guys. Blah Blah Blah- let’s get to the neat stuff.


cheese, family, lists, yoga, harry potter, netflix binging, cars, coconut anything, good teeth, spin class, all things music, reading, dogs & tattoos


snakes, red meat, gross teeth, bad drivers, fruit on a salad, hangovers, running, eating disorders, waking up before 11am & chapped lips


photoAwkward With A Side Of Erica is mostly a chance for me to share my ridiculous life with the rest of the world. I have no concept of blogging etiquette and I’m lazy so don’t expect the usual here. I can’t promise a post every day or clean language…sooooo to hell with it all and enjoy if you dare!


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