Kindle Unlimited aka LEGIT AS F

I’ll start by letting you know that I am an avid reader…and by avid I mean obsessive. I inherited my mom’s love for all things literature at an early age and I’ve been binge reading ever since. I go through dozens of books a month and even started a book club (called Dumbledore’s Army–HP fans unite) with my girl Abby. Our version of a book club is just the two of us discussing a book+drinking at a bar, so don’t give me toooo much credit. ANYWHO, I have mad love for both e-reader and real take-off-the-shelf-and-hug books. I don’t discriminate because I will devour a book no matter what form it comes in BUT today is all about loving on e-reader land.

I want to give a huge SHOUT OUT to Amazon for introducing me to my new boyfriend, kindleunlimited. I discovered (fell in love) kindleunlimited several weeks ago and immediately signed up for the free month trial. I would guess I buy 2-10 kindle books a month on average so OBVI paying $10/month for unlimited books is a no-brainer. Amazon is obviously not going to put all of the best sellers and new releases on kindleunlimited but they do have a HUMUNGO selection to choose from. I’ve downloaded five books so far and am currently stalking several more to binge read.

straight from

straight from

SO pretty much if you read two unlimited books a month you are getting your money’s worth, obvi I won’t be having any problems doing that. Amazon is getting some free advertising from this girl because this unlimited thing is just tooo sweet. I’ll update ya on my book selections later on as I’m currently going through a really awkward romance/erotica genre phase (HI 50 Shades/Crossfire) and that will take a whole post to explain.

I want all you binge readers to fill me in on what you’re reading right now because I can always use new material!! And to any of you familiar with kindleunlimited…how do you feel about it?

x, E


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